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October 4-5, Bloomberg European Headquarters, London

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Hackathons are an experience like no other.
They enable you to realise your ideas in code, through a weekend of collaboration, learning and pushing your tech skills to the limit.


What is MLH Launch Hack?

MLH Launch Hack is the inaugural hackathon to kick off the first ever student hackathon season in the UK.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a 24 hour long programming event. Hundreds of passionate students come together, form teams, share ideas, and help each other build innovative applications. It's a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, learn from mentors, and make cool stuff. They're very beginner friendly. Everybody is there to help each other and have fun. Check this out for more info.

What is MLH?

Major League Hacking is a university hackathon league designed to empower epic hackers to discover new hackathons. This Autumn, there will be student hackathons all around the country.

Where is MLH Launch Hack?

It is being held at Bloomberg Europe HQ at 39-45 Finsbury Square, London, England EC2A 1PQ.

What time should I arrive?

Please aim to arrive at Bloomberg HQ entrance between 9am - 10am on Saturday 4th October.

Who can attend MLH Launch Hack?

Any enrolled undergraduate or postgraduate student, or graduates who are less than a year out of university. Students will be required to show their student ID upon arrival of the hackathon in order to enter.

I'm at college/school. Can I come?

Yes. But if you're under 16 we require you to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If you have any questions about this, please contact

For how long can I hack?

You'll have a straight 24 hours to hack. 12pm to 12pm. You can of course sleep (though many try to stay up as long as possible), and we'll have some fun activities for everybody so you can catch a break.

Can I build my hack before the event?

No. It's unfair and immediately disqualifies you from presenting or winning any prizes. You can think of ideas, just don't start building them. You can of course use libraries, frameworks, and templates.

Can I sleep at the venue?

Yes! Bloomberg has an epic building and we'll do our best to make it really nice for you to crash. You are welcome to leave overnight to sleep in a real bed, but many hackers sleep over at the venue!

I can't write code but still want to attend. Help?

The hackathon community welcomes you with open arms - plenty of mentors want to help you make your first hack a reality. We'll have mentors on site to teach you lots of new skills and guide you towards creating your first hack. All the students are very friendly and willing to help each other out. Come along and be a part of the tens of thousands of MLH hackers community worldwide.

Do I need to have a team?

You're welcome to make a team before the event. But loads of people come without a team. At the start of the event, we'll help everyone find a team. Your team members can be from other universities/schools. One of the best things about hackathons is meeting hackers from all over the country.

Can my team be made up of people from different universities/schools?

Yes! One of the best things about hackathons is meeting hackers from all over the country.

How large can teams be?

To be eligible for prizes, teams need to be 1-4 people. If you're okay not being eligible for prizes, you can totally have as many people on your team as you want.

Do you provide food and drinks?

Yes. All drinks, food and snacks are provided by MLH and Bloomberg and there is an excess amount to go around!

Is there a code of conduct?

MLH is dedicated to providing a fun, harassment-free experience for everyone. We expect all of our attendees, sponsors, volunteers, and staff to be respectful and considerate of others. They are all required to agree with this code of conduct. You should read this code. Organisers will enforce it throughout the event.

Would I be able to volunteer?

We're almost full up on volunteers but it would be worth shooting us an email -

Are there other hackathons I can go to?

Yes! There will be hackathons all over the country this Autumn. Check out the lineup here.

Can I contact you?

Please do. We're improving our FAQ all the time and would love to hear from you - email us at


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Bloomberg Europe HQ
39-45 Finsbury Square

Tube Stations

Moorgate or Liverpool St

Free Travel

Travel reimbursements up to £40 will be available. There will also be coaches available from major cities (subject to demand). We will send you more information about this once you get a ticket.


Registration opens on Monday 1st September at 13:00 (BST)